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Kiki’s Fresh Market Logo and Brand Identity

Kiki’s Fresh Market branding project was something out of the norm, but a very rewarding experience. Kiki’s was created to honor the client’s Grandfather and to provide healthy options on the go. A vending machine filled with fresh, healthy options and stocked daily. What an excellent idea!

Case Study: Kiki’s Fresh Market Logo and Brand Identity Design

Client: Kiki’s Fresh Market
Industry: Food & Beverage
Services Provided: Logo and Brand Identity Design

Background: Kiki’s Fresh Market uniquely combines the convenience of vending machines with the pursuit of healthy living. This innovative venture was inspired by the client’s desire to honor their grandfather and offer healthful, fresh food options to people on the move. Our challenge was to develop a brand identity that not only conveyed freshness and health but also embedded a sense of legacy and warmth.

Challenge: The main challenge in this project was to create a comprehensive brand identity, including a logo that would stand out in the crowded market of vending machine offerings, typically dominated by less healthy choices. The design had to resonate with a health-conscious audience and embody the brand’s commitment to quality, while subtly honoring the client’s grandfather.

Process: Our collaborative process kicked off with deep-dive sessions to fully grasp Kiki’s mission and values. We explored various elements associated with health and vitality, such as natural imagery and earthy colors. A nod to the client’s grandfather was integrated through the use of classic design touches and a warm, inviting color scheme.

The development phase saw numerous sketches and digital drafts, focusing on integrating the natural with the personal. The final design featured a stylized leaf that forms the letter “K,” cleverly representing both the brand name and its commitment to natural, fresh products. The chosen color palette of vibrant greens and earth tones was designed to evoke freshness and vitality.

Outcome: The logo and brand identity were enthusiastically received by the client and have been effectively applied across all branding materials, including vending machines, product packaging, promotional materials, and digital platforms. The coherent brand identity strongly communicates Kiki’s core values and visually distinguishes it from competitors.

Impact: Since implementing the new brand identity, Kiki’s Fresh Market has enjoyed increased brand recognition and customer engagement. The distinctive, inviting design of the vending machines and packaging has attracted a broader customer base interested in healthy eating. The successful branding has not only met the client’s objectives but has also played a crucial role in the commercial success and market positioning of Kiki’s Fresh Market.


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